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THE fight so many are talking about, Klitschko vs Joshua is inching closer. Promoter Eddie Hearn told Boxing News, “I’m speaking to Bernd [Boente, head of the Klitschko management group] a couple of times every day. Everybody wants the fight.

Klitschko vs Joshua Live
Klitschko vs Joshua

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But Joshua’s team to expect him to earn a certain figure for taking on the former champion. “There’s a number that we feel Joshua should achieve in that fight. [Due to the risk], also the size of the fight, in terms of what he’s earning at the moment as well. If you’re going to have a fight like that, there’s got to be rewards. Joshua’s champion, Klitschko’s challenger, even if it’s for more belts. But of course Klitschko is a huge name. But we can’t really worry about all that stuff, we just need that number,” Hearn said. “It’s not a ridiculous number, it’s a number that we’re quite close to.

If you’re going to earn X to fight [Joseph] Parker or 3 X to fight Klitschko, how much more difficult is the Klitschko fight?Joshua, the reigning IBF champion, likes the idea of taking on Klitschko.He’s like if you think it’s the right deal, we’ll take it. That’s his mentality.

Everybody’s got different rules. The WBA’s got a recess rule, I believe after 12 months no defence put the champion in recess or strip him completely and then come back when you’re ready. I think the WBO has the Interim thing where it’s a real mess…But that doesn’t really appeal to anyone.

He continued, “There is December 10 at the Manchester Arena as well, which would give us another two weeks past November 26. We tried to get the Millennium Stadium, it’s definitely Manchester. It has to be Manchester. We’ll always find an opponent,” Hearn adds, “but it’s whether it’s the one that is the one we really want. You pay the money, you get anyone. But we just like to pay the right money that’s all.

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